10 Most Ridiculous Things Batman Has Survived

The Dark Knight, safe to say, has picked up a scratch or two in his time.

Batman Odyssey
DC Comics

A large part of the inherent appeal of the Batman throughout the ages has been his relatability. Strange as that may sound, when compared to Superman, Wonder Woman, or even some of Marvel's classic superheroes such as Captain America or Spidey, the Batman is at the end of the day simply a man. Sure, he may possess a combination of athleticism, intelligence and wealth that is probably impossible to ever be combined within one person, but is it the sheer grit, determination and dedication that really makes the masked vigilante so special.

And that determination often see's the Caped Crusader battling back from some seemingly hopeless scenarios; be it being buried alive (multiple times), or recovering from the many crippling injuries he has sustained over the course of his crime fighting career.

There are few injuries or sticky situations the Dark Knight hasn't found himself in over the years, something that is to be expected when you're tussling on a nightly basis with the likes of Bane, Killer Croc, The Joker and the myriad nameless goons that are out for Master Wayne's blood, and here are ten such scrapes that it is frankly ridiculous that he ever survived.

10. The Omega Sanction

Batman Odyssey
DC Comics

Okay, here is the big one. Of all of the super-powered beings Bats has gone toe-to-toe with - from Reverse Flash to Superman - Darkseid is the most terrifying. Darkseid is. There is no way Batman should really be able to survive an encounter with the ruler of Apokolips, and yet survive it he does. Bats is also transported back to the Stone Age in the process, but it all works out fine in the end.

The Final Crisis event, in typical Grant Morrison fashion, can be a difficult one to give a synopsis for. For the purposes of this list, however, suffice to say Batman was captured by Darkseid then mortally wounded the villain with a radion bullet - he would be finished off by other heroes later - but not before being hit with an Omega Beam and transported back through time, losing his memory in the process.

Bruce being Bruce though, he scratches and claws his way back, being hurtled forwards in time various, well, times, accumulating ‘Omega Energy’ which will eventually release, destroying the world when Wayne finally arrives in the 21st century again. To cut a long story with many highly-Morrison off-the-wall ideas short, the JLA actually stop Batman’s heart, allowing the Omega Energy to dissipate, before bringing him back to life.

Send him back to pre-history, stop his heart, it doesn’t matter what you do, even Darkseid can’t finish off the Dark Knight.

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