10 Most Ridiculous Things Spider-Man Has Survived

Mutations, clones, Deadpool and devil deals have all troubled Peter Parker over the decades.

Spider-Man Peter Parker Spider Monster
Marvel Comics

When it comes to the all-time great comic book characters, few can match Spider-Man.

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko back in 1962, Spider-Man is a character who forever strikes a chord with anyone who picks up a comic book. We've all been teenagers, we've all gone through the usual teenage problems, and so the trials and tribulations of Peter Parker have so often resonated with the masses - just, y'know, with a splash of superpowers sprinkled in for good measure.

Peter has grown from boy to man over the decades, and has likewise been reinvented on numerous occasions to keep the character relevant as the years pass by, but those decades have still often continued to find Peter going through some utterly ridiculous moments time and time again.

Still, Peter Parker is a survivor, and he's successfully navigated some ludicrous challenges (and outright bizarre story arcs) that would've put down many a hero.

Here, then, are just ten of the most ridiculous situations that Spider-Man has faced - and ultimately managed to overcome!

10. Making A Deal With The Literal Devil - One More Day

Spider-Man Peter Parker Spider Monster
Marvel Comics


Yes, One More Day has been discussed time and again when looking at the most ridiculous or outright stupid things to ever happen to Peter Parker. Regardless, it would be impossible to do a list such as this and not reference this wince-inducing 2007 arc - so lets get it out of the way as the first entry here!

Taking place in the aftermath of the Civil War tale which saw Parker publicly reveal that he's Spider-Man, one of the Kingpin's hitmen put Aunt May in the hospital with what was to be a fatal wound.

With Tony Stark's finances and even the mystical abilities of Doctor Strange unable to save May, One More Day saw the devil of the Marvel realm step out of the shadows to put an offer on the table. That offer from Mephisto, of course, was that he'd save Aunt May on the condition that Peter and Mary Jane's marriage was erased from existence.

The logic from Marvel here, was that - much like the reasoning for Gwen Stacy's death - they didn't want Spider-Man to be bogged down by married life, thus Mephisto's deal was accepted.

In terms of survival, it's a miracle that readers didn't completely turn their back on Spider-Man titles after this utter atrocity.

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