10 Most Ridiculous Things Spider-Man Has Survived

9. Becoming A Man-Spider - The Six Arms Saga

Spider-Man Peter Parker Spider Monster
Marvel Comics

Throughout the decades, Spider-Man has undergone numerous changes and mutations, but the first real time that this happened to ol' web-head was back in 1971 during The Six Arms Saga.

Very much doing exactly what it says on the tin, this Stan Lee and Roy Thomas-penned story found a Peter Parker who was at his wits' end.

With his best friend Harry Osborn now an erratic drug addict, his mentor figure George Stacy dead, and his girlfriend Gwen Stacy blaming Spider-Man for the death of her father George, Peter decides that the only way to solve all of his problems is to make his Spidey alter-ego permanently disappear.

To do this, Parker creates a serum designed to rid him of his unique powers and abilities.

In a classic case of that famed 'Parker luck', the end result of taking said serum did the complete opposite of what the wall-crawler had in mind. Instead of ridding him of his spider powers, Peter sprouted four additional arms.

An eventual tussle with the Lizard and Michael Morbius would lead to Spider-Man returning to his regular two-armed form, yet the subsequent decades would see Peter having to deal with similar such mutations on multiple occasions.


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