10 Most Ridiculous Things Wolverine Survived

Being crushed by a train is just one of the crazy things Wolverine has survived.

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Wolverine has suffered more than probably any other superhero. He's been shot at, stabbed, eaten by a Tyrannosaur Rex, and sustained a thousand other injuries that would kill the average man.

But because he has a healing factor and an indestructible metal skeleton, the Canadian superhero can survive almost anything.

Because he shrugs off bullets and stab wounds so often, you'd assume Wolverine has a natural resistance to pain. But he doesn't. He's not Superman or the Hulk. If he gets crushed or incinerated, it hurts like hell.

Even though he unsheathes his adamantium-laced claws on a daily basis, he never gets use to the pain.

Knowing this makes it all the more bizarre when you learn some of the injuries Wolverine has endured. Did you know he has been decapitated? Did you know he's been blown up with a nuclear bomb... on more than one occasion?!

When you watch Wolverine be crucified, torn in half, or ripped apart on a cellular level, you can't help but question if the mutant can truly be put down for good.

Here are just some of the most ridiculous injuries that Wolverine has survived.


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