10 Most Ridiculously Overpowered Superheroes In The Marvel Universe

Almost entirely indestructible.

Scarlet Witch
Marvel Comics

There is really no better example of overpowered characters than those that feature in the Marvel Universe of comics. Most of these characters started out normal - or as normal as superheroes can be. Their powers were great but had limits. They were outstanding but due to their restraint one could still connect with them on a human level.

They aren't Gods after all; or at least not all of them are! As the years went by each of these characters power levels increased until they were all doing things that not even superheroes should be capable of. It seemed the more popular certain characters became the more power characters bestowed upon them. As these characters became near omnipotent others were given the same treatment to balance the scales.

It's become quite ridiculous just how overpowered some of these characters have become. Whether they wield massive amounts of energy enough to cause massive destruction or have become entirely indestructible, here are ten of the most overpowered superheroes in the Marvel universe.

10. Hulk

Hulk Clap
Marvel Comics

Big, mean, and green, the Hulk has become one of the most famous superheroes and a staple in popular culture. Bruce Banner made his first appearance in 1962 with The Incredible Hulk #1 and has since been featured in multiple other media including many animated shows, a live-action television series, and three feature films.

What is it that makes this Jekyll/Hyde type character so appealing and such a large name within the Marvel universe? Well, he's incredible; incredibly strong, incredibly durable, and incredibly angry. In fact, the Hulk is far too incredible being so overpowered that he has more than many times been a threat to various other superheroes. This came to a head during the World War Hulk storyline in which a group of the greatest minds in the Marvel universe decided to blast the Hulk into space to erase the threat he imposes.

Of course, the character eventually returned to Earth and sought revenge on those that betrayed him. Why would characters such as Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Professor X, and Reed Richards feel they needed to do this in the first place? Well, it's not the Hulk's temper alone that persuaded them. His strength is vast and he's been shown to lift and throw trains as well as an entire castle. Plus, he's held his own against Thor who is an actual God.

During Secret Wars #4 he was shown to hold an entire mountain, and has many times demonstrated the ability to throw things directly into outer space including Fin Fang Foom. The Hulk is even depicted as virtually indestructible: Ares' spear breaks right off his flesh and not even Hawkeye's arrows can pierce Hulk's eyes.

Just about every superhero in the MU - including those with mystical powers - has proven useless when it comes to trying to hurt the Hulk. It's really difficult to take such a character like the Hulk seriously when he can't really be harmed in any way. Even Superman has kryptonite!

The Hulk has fallen from orbit and not been fazed. He's leaped into orbit and does so with lightning-fast reflexes. The few times he has been hurt by other characters still proves worthless as he heals at an incredible rate. To top it all off he doesn't even get tired! When a character is this overpowered they just became incredibly lame.

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