10 Most Ridiculously Overpowered Superheroes In The Marvel Universe

9. Thor

Thor Jack Kirby
Marvel Comics

The one character to hold his own against the Hulk; Thor is a God, no doubt! Actually, his story is a bit more complex than that as he was merged with a human - Donald Blake - in order to be taught a lesson in humility. Still, he wields Mjolnir with ease and is blessed with a large variety of powers that make him virtually unstoppable even by fellow Avengers such as Captain American and Iron Man.

Among these incredible feats are enhanced strength, durability, and stamina, as well as utilizing Mjolnir to summon lightning, expel a deadly "Godforce", fly at superhuman speeds, open interdimensional portals, and deflect attacks or break spells. It's not just the fact that Thor has these powers, however, that makes him so overpowered, but how much force each is truly given.

Many characters have super strength; Storm can summon lightning, and there are many magick-users who can open portals or break spells. Thor is different from them all in the fact that his powers reach levels others cannot all the while putting little to no strain on his being. You've just read the entry on Hulk's strength and now all you really need to know is that Thor's rivals his.

In fact, Thor is said to have strength that is greater than that of all the other Asgardian Gods. Hulk may have held an entire mountain, but Thor once lifted the Midgard Serpent - said to weigh at least half of what the Earth does - and tossed it into space. It weighed at least half of what the Earth does. Can we even calculate a number that high?

While Thor's power over weather is arguably rivaled by that of Storm he still manages to possess other Godly qualities that she just can't match. In fact, Mjolnir can absorb any form of energy and redirect it into blasts so powerful they can damage vibranium and adamantium. And that "Godforce" he uses? It's so powerful it can even kill those stated to be immortal.

His connection to Mjolnir only increases Thor's abilities as it follows his every instruction and the two are virtually inseparable. Thor's powers make sense in a world full of almighty Gods and Goddesses but on Earth - even among other overpowered characters - he's just a bit too much. Not only does he have far too many abilities but the power levels are almost infinite. He has strength, longevity, and energy manipulation on his side and still has to rule magic - one of the most powerful forces in the MU - as well?

Not fair, Thor; not fair at all.

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