10 Most Shocking Betrayals In DC Comics

A knife in every back.

identity crisis comic
DC Comics

Judas Iscariot. Benedict Arnold. Saruman. Fredo Corleone.

Everything from religion to fiction to modern history is chock full of traitors and DC comic books are no exception. Many of DC’s most beloved and noble heroes have suffered on all fronts from personal to professional in this regard. From heroes succumbing to villainy to friends who were really villains all along, the superhero life is not one without ample paranoia.

The heroes of DC seem especially prone to the gut punch of betrayal and writers have often taken these golden age characters to astoundingly sad and grim territories in more recent decades.

One of the earliest betrayals of the Justice League was their honorary, super power free member Snapper Carr when he sided up with John Dough, the world’s most ordinary man. Despite his claim to being the world's most unremarkable person, Dough was out to get rid of the League with several nefarious schemes.

Dough’s ordinary facade was simply a disguise for The Joker and all was well again. It was a simpler time in the Silver Age of comics and as these next ten betrayals show, things have only gotten more brutal and more unforgivable with every passing year...

10. Aquaman Chooses Atlantis Over The League - Throne Of Atlantis

identity crisis comic
DC Comics

Everyone’s favourite orange and green attired sea dweller is a noble superhero for sure but it is only his second priority in life. Above all else, Aquaman’s loyalties lie with the people of Atlantis where his responsibilities as king dominate his life and decisions. Much as he may like his fellow Leaguers, Arthur Curry’s Atlantean duties will prompt him to do battle with them if need be.

In the well received Throne of Atlantis story arc, Aquaman finds himself at a crossroads with his brother’s determination to start a war between Atlantis and the surface world after malfunctioning Navy missiles hit Atlantis. Aquaman ultimately stages a brutal offence against the Justice League in the battles that follow, forsaking his old team for his homeland.

To add some insult to injury, the League discover that Aquaman’s long time pal Nuidis Vulko was behind the whole thing. He orchestrated for his beloved Atlantis to be bombed specifically to incite a war. The end goal? For the League to defeat Ocean Master and lead to the reinstatement of Arthur as king.


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