10 Most Shocking Female Comic Costumes Of All Time

Proof that comics were created by pervs.

Comic books have a long running history of sexism and misogyny. In just about every major publisher€™s line (especially Marvel and DC) there are tons of examples of how female characters have been mishandled, mistreated and misrepresented; however, by far the most prominent and visible examples of comic creator€™s misogyny are female costumes. A superhero€™s costume is one of their most important aspects of their character; it sets the tone for their stories and usually includes a visual icon that summarises the character€™s identity (like Superman€™s crest or Spider-Man€™s symbol). But while most male characters have costumes that display their strengths and abilities as heroes, women heroes usually end up in suits that highlight their sexual availability. Over the years comics have been predominantly a medium for males by run by males; therefore, women often depicted as hookers €“ not heroes. They are drawn in poses highlight their breasts and bum €“ not their strength and character. Both DC and Marvel in recent years have made conscious deliberate efforts to change the way women are portrayed, but they can't wipe 75 years of sexism from history. Here are ten of the most shocking, sexist and, probably worst of all, impractical female costumes that have ever graced the pages of comic books.
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