10 Most Shocking Female Comic Costumes Of All Time

9. Power Girl And Her Boob Window

Power Girl€™s has always been a problematic character for a number of reasons. A Supergirl analogue from an alternate reality called Earth 2, throughout the years DC€™s creators and editors have struggled to find away to visually distinguish her from the main Supergirl (it's complicated). Her designers originally decided to go for a costume that was completely different in look and feel. And when Power Girl first appeared in All Star Comics #58, her costume became iconic immediately: a white bathing suit that covered her shoulders and arms with a hole was cut in the middle, exposing her cleavage. Yes, the boob window was there from the beginning. In fact, Jimmy Palmiotti, a long time writer of Power Girl, tells the story of her creation saying:
"Wally Wood was the artist that drew Power Girl, and he was convinced that the editors were not paying attention to anything he did. So, his inker said every issue I€™m going to draw the tits bigger until they notice it. It took about seven or eight issues before anyone was like hey, what€™s with the tits? And that€™s where they stopped."
So yeah, the character€™s was literally the creation of the male gaze. As if that wasn€™t bad enough, in JLA: Classified #2 Power Girl says to Superman, €œThe first time I made this costume, I wanted to have a symbol, like you. I just€ I couldn€™t think of anything. I thought eventually, I€™d figure it out. And close the hole. But I haven€™t.€ The implications of this statement are as shocking as they are sexist: the symbol Power Girl resorts to using is a hole exposing her breast. Even she can€™t think of something else that defines her.
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