10 Most Skilled Fighters In The Marvel Universe

Masters of Kung Fu, Super Soldiers, Inhumans... who comes out on top?

Iron Fist Elektra
Marvel Comics

While the House of Ideas' roster of heroes and villains may not be as famous for its martial artists as DC, with it lacking the likes of Batman or Black Canary, there are still several notable fighters that stand out amongst the gods, monsters and Hulks under the publisher's belt.

From the likes of the immortal Iron Fist to the star-spangled man with a plan, Captain America, there are plenty of hand to hand combatants from every corner of the Marvel universe - each of which manage to stand alongside and up against those with magic hammers or infinity gauntlets.

Though, out of said fighters, who comes out as the most skilled? Who are the master tacticians, the martial arts masters and expert combatants of the Marvel mythos?

Being a good fighter tends to be in the job description if you're a hero or a villain, but there are those in the Marvel universe who are better than others. That isn't to say they're more powerful of course - there are plenty of characters with ridiculously strong abilities - just that they're incredibly skilled when it comes to combat.

Here are the fiercest fighters in Marvel's library...

10. Killmonger

Iron Fist Elektra

While the MCU Killmonger may have been able to defeat Black Panther in hand to hand combat while they were both powerless, the comic version was able to do so while the king of Wakanda had access to his usual superhuman abilities and a vibranium suit.

With this in mind, Killmonger's skill becomes obvious.

At that point, T'Challa not only had his powers and suit, but also vast knowledge of the martial arts, the experience of all the Black Panthers before him and his genius level intellect. Yet, Killmonger had nothing more than his wit and his skills, and still he managed to triumph.

The only reason that he was not placed any higher up the list is the fact that, since then, Killmonger has done little in the way of showing off his abilities.


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