10 Most Skilled Fighters In The Marvel Universe

9. Karnak

Iron Fist Elektra

Being arguably one of the most unique Inhumans, Karnak possesses the power to see the weak points of any structure, person or creature that he crosses paths with. Such an ability makes him incredibly deadly, with him being able to take down almost any opponent with a few swift strikes to certain points.

Obviously, this power does not grant him skill - though it's not as though Karnak is lacking in that regard. The Inhuman is a master level martial artist, and has a brilliant mind which makes him as good a tactician as he is at kicking and punching.

These features show that Karnak is much more than his powers, with his combat expertise and tactics meaning that he is incredibly skilled regardless of the abilities he was granted by the Terrigen Mists - those powers just make even deadlier.


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