10 Most Stupidly-Overpowered Superheroes In Comics History

So... what exactly can Franklin Richards NOT do?

DC Comics

The difficult thing about making superheroes is unmistakably deciding how far their powers can go. Although nobody wants to make a hero so powerful that nobody is interested in them - like the unfortunate case of Captain Atom - you also want to create a character with dynamic and exciting enough powers that people actively look forward to seeing them used.

While generally the route best traveled is to give a character one power at a reasonable level, there are those creators who decide to go above and beyond and pump their hero full to burst with the universe's best and strongest powers.

It's a dangerous gambit, as too many powers can easily ruin a character, but it also has the potential to explore some really interesting territory in regards to humanity and how it can be affected or unaffected by having the abilities of an actual god.

Whether this be through binding them to a celestial being, giving them an inability to die, or just straight up having the most physical prowess of the entire comic universe, there are practically endless ways to make a character overpowered - although there are significantly fewer ways to take overpowered characters and make them engaging.


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