10 Most Tragic Moments In The History Of The Fantastic Four

Marvel's first family have had their fair share of heart-wrenching tragedies.

Fantastic Four
Marvel Comics

With the surge of popularity in Marvel superteams like the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, it's easy to forget Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's House of Ideas started with the Fantastic Four.

With the gang's introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe creeping ever closer, comic fans have never been more excited to dissect some of the most defining moments in Marvel's First Family.

One thing that makes the Fantastic Four stand out is how it focuses on slightly less dark and more adventurous compared to other superheroes. Characters like Wolverine, Daredevil, and Hulk may be drenched in tragedy, but the FF's adventures are fun, sentimental, and even a little corny.

Even though the Fantastic Four try to maintain a happy-go-lucky attitude and defeat supervillains with a smile, that doesn't mean they're unfamiliar with tragedy. In fact, some of the darkest days in Marvel have revolved around the First Family of Heroes.

Whether it is team members quitting, turning evil, or kicking the bucket, there are many poignant moments in the team's history which readers still aren't over...

10. Johnny Storm Quits - Fantastic Four #285 (1985)

Fantastic Four
Marvel Comics

One day, a doctor called Janet Darling arrives at the Baxter Building and informs the team she has been sent to find Johnny Storm.

She informs him that one of her patients, a 13-year-old called Thomas Hanson, has suffered third degree burns over his entire body and is expected to die shortly. For his last request, Thomas asked the doctors if he could meet his favourite superhero, the Human Torch. Upon hearing this tragic story, Johnny heads to the hospital immediately.

When he arrives in Thomas' ward, Johnny discover the boy voluntarily set himself on fire, hoping it would endow him with fire-based powers like the Human Torch. Just before he dies, Thomas tells Johnny he "only did it to be like you".

After Thomas' parents berate Johnny for encouraging their son, the hot-headed hero is overcome with guilt and shame. Believing he was indirectly responsible for the child's demise, he quits the Fantastic Four.

Fortunately, everyone's favourite jheri-curled cosmic being, The Beyonder, shows up in the nick of time to convince Johnny to stay on the team. Nevertheless, the story is heartwrenching due to Thomas Hanson's needless death.


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