10 Most Underrated Comic Books Of 2018

8. Punisher: War Machine

Daredevil #599
Marvel Comics

Sure, the current Punisher series is absolutely brilliant, but then again, so is the one that preceded it - both written by Matthew Rosenberg.

Following Frank's tale of destruction was frankly a blast, with the initial story focusing on his efforts to take down a military dictatorship in the fictional, eastern-European country of Chernya, and the latter stages acting as a way of atonement for his sins during the god-awful Secret Empire event.

Throughout the run, Castle (as you may have guessed by now) wears the War Machine armour, something that both brings the character up to a much higher tier than his usual street-level antics, and of course, just makes him look really badass too.

Wearing the suit didn't come without a price though, as proven by the utterly fantastic scene which saw Frank take on the Avengers. Go read this book.


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