10 Non-Superhero Comics You Didn't Know Were Becoming Films And TV Shows

The comic book cinematic revolution isn't all just superheroes!

Image Comics/Nicola Scott

With the wealth of amazing stories coming from the pages of comics, graphic novels, and manga from all over the world, it's unsurprising that many new shows coming out in the next few years are based on such existing work. And while many of them, with the world-changing success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the prime-time hits of DC TV shows, are all about superheroes, there are still a good number of titles to look forward to that don't need capes and cowls to get audiences excited.

From supernatural horrors to aliens both threatening and friendly, not even mentioning the semi to post apocalyptic survival shows (like The Walking Dead), or even weird mishmashes of sci-fi and fantasy - these are the colourful tales and high concept stories that'll be getting audiences hooked in no time at all.

These stories twist, subvert, or openly embrace the weird and wonderful genres they spring from, and deserve as much, if not more attention than their super-counterparts, especially from viewers who may be feeling "superhero fatigue" after so much superhero media coming out in the last decade.

Fortunately, there's a whole host of awesome titles not about superheroes heading to the big and small screens in the next few years. Here are the most exciting ones of all...


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