10 Powerful DC Comics Endings That Gave You Chills

9. Batman Does A Batman On The JLA

All Star Superman
DC Comics

One of the most Batman moments in his history is also one of the most powerful, as the Dark Knight does to the JLA the same thing he's been doing to poor Jim Gordon for decades. When Ra's al Ghul manages to lay his hands on Bruce Wayne's secret contingency plans, in case the members of the JLA ever go rogue, he uses his new found knowledge to launch an attack on the Super-Friends and beats them all like red-headed step-children.

After Ra's is defeated the slightly peeved members of the Justice League get together to vote on whether or not Batman should be allowed to continue on their team. With the decision tied at three-all, it falls to Superman to cast the deciding vote.

The Flash asks the Man of Steel just how well he knows the Caped Crusader and, more importantly, just how well Batman knows him. Does he know him well enough to know which way he will vote? To which the answer is yes, as they enter the inner sanctum only to discover that Batman's done a Batman and disappeared, as he knows only too well what Clark is about to do.


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