10 Powerless Characters Who Have Defeated Superman

9. Alfred - Injustice

Joker Superman
DC Comics

Okay, so this one is a bit of a catch-22. In Injustice, most of the characters eventually take a pill called 5-U-93-R, which gives them heightened strength and endurance. Alfred - Batman's beloved elderly butler - does also take one of these, giving him abilities far beyond his usual.

But crucially, these still aren't quite superpowers, but rather physical enhancement - sort of like a legal Batman-approved steroid.

And so when Alfred take it, he is still an old man, just an old man who's roided to hell, and also coincidentally furious that Superman is trying to ruin the life of Bruce Wayne seemingly any way he can.

This scenario leads us to the unforgettable scene where Pennyworth begins beating down on the surprised Man of Steel, shouting all the while about how much his family has suffered because of Superman. It's incredibly intense, and also a beautifully badass moment for a character who rarely manages to get them in the regular DC series, despite having a pretty intense military background.


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