10 Reasons Why Damian: Son Of Batman Was An Absolute Mess

In just four issues, writer/artist Andy Kubert managed to make us all wish DC had never bothered with the series in the first place.

Damian Wayne was Bruce Wayne's only biological son by way of Talia Al-Ghul, the daughter of Ra's Al-Ghul (the Demon's Head of the League of Shadows and one of Batman's greatest foes). Created by Grant Morrison, Damian made his first appearance in 2006 when Talia introduced him to Batman who took over care of the pre-teen Damian. Among his first acts, Damian nearly beat Tim Drake to death, wounded Alfred, and went on to murder a minor Batman villain. And yet when he was killed in 2013, in the final Batman arc of Morrison's 7 year run, everyone loved him - readers and characters. We'd seen him go from being the bratty sociopath to a still arrogant but vastly changed vigilante who respected his new Bat family and had become a key member in the group. His and Bruce's relationship became one of the highlights of the series, which continued on into Peter Tomasi's well-received New 52 Batman and Robin series. When Damian died, there was shock, anger and a lot of sadness from Batman readers who couldn't believe DC would allow such a popular character to be killed off. So there was some consolation when it was announced that later on in 2013, a four-issue Damian mini-series would be published written and drawn by Andy Kubert (one of the artists who worked with Morrison during his Batman run), focusing on the alternate timeline glimpsed in Batman #666 and Batman Incorporated #5 where Damian becomes the new Batman of Gotham City. More Damian €“ what could be better? Then we got the series. Oh... In just four issues, writer/artist Andy Kubert managed to make us all wish DC had never bothered with the series in the first place. The warning signs were there in Joker #1, the Villain's Month one-shot, but maybe the mini-series would be better... somehow... but no, it wasn't! Before I get into it, I will say that I quite liked the art €“ Andy Kubert is, if not a good writer, still a good artist and his work here is alright. Plus the logo design where the Bat symbol splice with the word "Damian" in the title so that the bat-ears make up the "M" and the wings cross the "A"s is very cool. Those are the only pluses I'll give the series - everything else was garbage! So just how awful was this series? Read on...
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