10 Reasons Why Damian: Son Of Batman Was An Absolute Mess

10. Damian's Appearance #1: The Robin Outfit

Robin Outfit The mini-series takes place before the Morrison-scripted Batman #666 and Batman Incorporated #5 so it's all about how Damian goes from being Robin to becoming Batman, in both appearance and ethos. When the series begins, he's still Robin but he's definitely older than when we saw him last €“ he's no longer a 12-year old and looks more like a 17-18 year old. But why is a young adult still wearing the Robin outfit? Why is (supposedly) the most badass of the Robins still wearing a kiddie outfit? When Dick Grayson (the first Robin) entered his late teens, he discarded his old outfit and became Nightwing. Why hasn't Damian established his own vigilante persona €“ why is he still wearing kiddie clothes as a young man? I would have thought his own ego would've forced him to assert his own personality on a new design and a new persona rather than be content to continue wearing something that instantly marks him out to be second fiddle. Grant Morrison showed Damian's creativeness in Batman Incorporated #4 when Damian became Redbird when Batman told him Robin was grounded. In a more relaxed situation where he's not the target of global assassins, why wouldn't he do something different with his costume? Was he just going to be Robin forever while Dick was Batman? No, he wouldn't, but if he created his own persona, he'd be less likely to become Batman when Dick died because he'd prefer to be his own person. Keeping him in the Robin outfit long after he's outgrown it is just a massive plot contrivance.
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