10 Reasons Why Robin Is The Hero Gotham Deserves

The Boy Wonder deserves top billing...

DC Comics

To any casual reader, Robin will always be seen as the scantily clad, pixie-boot wearing second fiddle to the big bad Bat.

Delve a little further into the DC archives, however, and there are a multitude of reasons as to why Brucey is a lot more reliant on his sprightly sidekick since his first appearance way back in Detective Comics #38.

Regularly seen as a solo hero, Batman and readers alike have underestimated the value of young ward in the life of the Caped Crusader. In reality however, "sidekick" was never a respectable enough term for a hero capable of ensuring the safety of Gotham all by themselves, with a much more healthy approach to the cities protection.

Many Robins have taken on the mantle in the past, each bringing their own unique personalities and skill-set to the table but all leaving an essential mark in the DC Universe in their own ways, all without the safety net of financial and gadgetry backing.

From being a moral compass to competing for the title of world’s greatest Detective, here's why Robin is the hero Gotham deserves.

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