10 Reasons Why X-Men Are Actually Better Than The Avengers

They might be called Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but Marvel's uncanny team has them beat.

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With the release of Dark Phoenix bringing an unfortunate end to Fox's X-Men movies just months after Avengers: Endgame ravaged the box-office, it seems somewhat apt to look at how Marvel's two foremost teams have changed over the years.

If you'd have asked any fan what they thought about the Avengers ten years ago, at least in respect to Marvel's comics specifically, they'd probably have replied with a noncommittal shrug. Yes, the Avengers were a constant force who had starred in some of Marvel's greatest comics - that in itself is not up for debate - but they always seemed to be living in the X-Men's shadow, forever destined to play catch-up while the publisher's mutants starred in TV shows, video games and blockbuster films.

That has now all of course changed, but it's not just a question of notoriety either. For many, the X-Men have long presented a more compelling premise than their other NY-based counterparts. Wherever you believe the metaphorical qualities of the team were birthed, there is something timeless and enthralling about the X-Men's ability to represent those who've been 'othered' by society, to say nothing of the many times the team have confronted prejudice and hate head on.

It could just be a matter of salience, stature or even aesthetics, and even though the Avengers aren't not amazing in a great many ways, there's just always been something about the X-Men that has given them the edge.

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