10 Saga Moments That Shocked The World

Head explosions are somehow the least shocking part.

Image Comics

The lovechild of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staple, Saga is a beloved mix of emotion, poignancy, and sheer gross-out moments. It's a beautiful story about family, where you can watch as every character develops and grows as a person - and yet somehow also a comic that contains a full scene where a dragon does auto-fellatio.

The fact that Saga balances the gross, the lewd, and the frankly disgusting with moments of heartfelt beauty makes it feel all the more real, as - much like life - it shows how these things often all come hand in hand. It's not always pretty, but there's something remarkably honest about that, which can't be said for a whole lot of other graphic novels.

It also means it's capable of some shocking moments that literally no other comic could possibly pull off, as it can make you laugh one moment, and then twist your face up in horror and disgust the next.

Containing gore, good times, and a werewolf with eight canine teats, Saga is a comic experience that can legitimately appeal to everybody - be you a pervert, a fan of heartfelt family stories, or both.



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