10 Saga Moments That Shocked The World

9. The Birth - Saga #1

Image Comics

One of the best things about Saga - aside from its beautiful art and meticulously clever dialogue - is that it's a comic that has no pretenses.

And it's very upfront about this fact, as in the very first scene of the entire series, we're treated to one of the main characters, Alana, giving birth. In the very first couple pages. It's a pretty intense welcome, in short.

While this is surprising as an introduction, it's also quickly revealed that said birth is taking place in a random shop in the middle of a city - and planet - ravaged by war. As if this wasn't stressful enough, it's then revealed that our newly with-child protagonists Marko and Alana each belong to different sides of this war, and thus are in danger of being killed by both of them.

It's an incredibly engaging beginning, but also a considerably stressful one - especially if you have any kind of protective instinct over children whatsoever.


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