10 Sci-Fi Movies That Deserve A Sequel

Sequels to Inception, The Fifth Element and Minority Report could all be brilliant.

Inception Cobb
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With dazzling worlds and intriguing ideas, science fiction is one of the most diverse and imaginative genres you can find on the big screen. They transport audiences to stunning environments or get them thinking about the details of the human condition.

It's also a harbinger for excellent variety.

One moment we're seeing humans in the aftermath of the post-apocalypse and the next we have exploration of new planets and internal settings. Alongside fantasy, it can be a powerful display of the near-endless imagination of filmmaking.

Some big ideas are just that - grand concepts that don't always reach success. Upon arrival to the big screen, many a science fiction film falls short at the box office. The likes of Blade Runner 2049 achieved massive recognition from critics, but this did not translate into profitable returns. As a result, some productions squeeze their way into cult classic status.

There are no Star Wars or Star Treks to be found here. Instead, it's time to talk about standalone efforts that need expanding or franchise entries that ended things too soon. In these ten entries, there's plenty of hidden potential to be found in a sequel.

10. Arrival

Inception Cobb
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Denis Villeneuve's Arrival, released in 2016, was met with high praise from audiences and critics alike. It established the Canadian director as one of the leading minds in the movie-making business.

Arrival strips back much of the futuristic components commonplace in the genre to create a more grounded story. When a collection of mysterious vessels appears around the world, a team of linguists attempt to communicate and discern why they have come to Earth.

Arrival is very different from other films featuring aliens. Confident in its unique tone and style, it's able to create an incredibly deep journey for its characters. Thanks to the efforts of talented actors like Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker, it continues to draw plaudits.

While it was designed as a standalone piece, it leaves one question; was there more communication to be had with the strange alien visitors? Arrival's critical acclaim could easily be expanded on with a follow-up. While the main character arcs were tied off in a deeply poignant way, other tales following the same organisms around the world could bring new perspectives.


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