10 Secrets Hidden In Famous Comics

With all the secret swears you dreamt of comics containing.

Batman Batman Who Laughs
DC Comics

As interesting as comics are by themselves, there's nothing better than delving into the wild world of comic secrets and coming out with a story that changes a series entirely. There are countless issues that have become famous entirely for this reason, with everything from hidden sex to internal office clashes being included in the annals of the strange and secretive history of comics.

And while some of these secrets only inform you about small details - maybe like the artist's love for his wife - there's also plenty of secrets that revolutionise both the comic they are included in, and also your perspective surrounding the comic industry as a whole.

There's a seemingly endless stream of conflict, turmoil, and in-jokes that result in changes and little details being added to our favourite heroes' journeys, and seeing the real-world reasons behind these alterations only adds another dimension to the stories fans all know and love.

Be it coin-madness, hiding some sex in a gate, or just including a scavenger hunt for Felix the Cat, there's an unimaginable amount of comics that have gained notoriety for their bizarre little secrets - and for good reason, too.

10. Alan Moore And The Marvel Douche - League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Batman Batman Who Laughs
Marvel Company

In what fans would likely describe as a "classic Moore move", the writer would include a promotion for a 'Marvel Co. Douche' in the advertisement section of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #5.

While for many this would merely appear to be a slightly bizarre but legitimate product placement - as the ad is indeed a real one from the early 1900s - it's impossible to not consider Moore's choice a slight towards Marvel themselves, likely a result of his long-standing feud with them over the company having reprinted some of the work he did for them without his permission.

Concerned about the possible backlash from their rival company, DC would change any references to the word 'Marvel' in the ad to the word 'Amaze' - pulping the entire initial release to try and ensure that the potential controversy never got out.


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