10 Shocking Times Superheroes Couldn’t Save Someone

9. Danielle Wellys

Iron Man Mallen
DC Comics

Saving people from maniacal psychopaths and alien invasions is one thing, but what happens when the person you’re trying to protect is being chased by one of the good guys?

As ambassador of Themyscira, Wonder Woman and a leading member of the Justice League, Diana Prince already had her hands full when Danielle Wellys showed up on her doorstep. Fleeing Gotham after exacting revenge on the people responsible for her sister’s death, Wellys sought to escape Batman by using Wonder Woman’s ancient customs.

As supplicant to Diana, the two formed Hiketeia, a form of Ancient Greek contract in which should any of the parties fail to keep their end of the bargain, the Furies would severely punish the guilty. For Wonder Woman that means if she handed Danielle over to Batman, she would have to face the wrath of the Furies, but if she sheltered the young woman, she would have to deal with her own friend and ally.

Batman cares little for ancient customs, so he inevitably clashes with Diana. Driven mad with guilt by their confrontation, Wellys kills herself to put a stop to the conflict. Wonder Woman finds herself the unwilling character of a Greek tragedy, as she helplessly watches the Furies going about their business.


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