10 Shocking Times The Joker Died

Looking at the many times the Clown Prince of Crime has kicked the bucket.

DC Comics

In the Joker's debut back in Batman #1, the story concluded with the demented clown indirectly impaling himself through the heart. In the final panel, it is revealed that the nefarious villain miraculously survived.

This fake-out went on to become a staple for Batman's nemesis, since there is no character in comic book history who has seemingly perished more than the Joker.

It's almost like he's allergic to dying. No matter how many times he plummets down a chasm or gets trapped in a collapsing building, he always pops up several issues later perfectly fine. (Well, not fine. He is literally crazy, but you know what I mean.)

In this list, we're not looking at the times where the Joker seemingly cast off his mortal coil. We are looking at moments in the comics when he actually died. Despite his reputation for cheating death, the Joker has snuffed it a number of times - he's just conveniently also come back after most of them.

Although some of these deaths occurred in parallel universes or alternative timelines, the maniacal jester has croaked multiple times in the main DC continuity.

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