10 Shocking Times The Justice League Turned On Each Other

And you thought it was just Batman and Superman who kept fighting...

Superman Vs Wonder Woman
DC Comics

The Justice League is DC's premier team, the most prolific in the comic company's sprawling universe of heroes and related characters. Its roster is composed of iconic heroes and they have been part of incredible stories that have defined the superhero genre both on and off the page.

So, it stands to reason that the League is a well-oiled machine and united force for good, right? Well, that isn't exactly the case, as the team has had its fair share of disagreements and even traded blows at the worst of occasions. This is not entirely surprising as the team has a variety of heroes with vastly different personalities, ideologies, and methods, so conflict is bound to ensue.

Over the years, the Leaguers have turned on each other for a variety of reasons, from mind control, external manipulation by antagonizing forces, and desperate gambits to serve the greater good. Some of these instances of betrayal were quickly resolved and swept under the rug, but others left feelings of mistrust and resentment that lingered in the team for years.

These stories are a clear example of just how easy it is for individuals to fall out and turn on each other - even those in the mighty Justice League.

10. Justice League: A League Of One

Superman Vs Wonder Woman
DC Comics

This 2000 one-shot written and drawn by Christopher Moeller effectively conveys its straightforward tale, features well composed visuals and demonstrates that the League members genuinely care for one another, warts and all.

In addition to this, it shows that Wonder Woman may not be the most powerful member, but she can hold her own in a fight against her teammates if the situation calls for it. The story is set in motion by an oracle at Delphi predicting the death of the League at the hands of an ancient dragon known as Drakul Karfang.

Diana seeks to prevent this prophecy from coming to fruition by facing the beast alone. She swiftly incapacitates her teammates (bar Superman) to prevent them from interfering in the battle. She ensures her status as a lone wolf by forcing Superman to save the Leaguers from a trap of her making. The battle ends with the death of Karfang and the Man of Steel saving the Amazon from a similar fate.

Her teammates are understandably angered by the sequence of events but Diana reminds them that they would have done the same thing if they were in her position.


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