10 Shocking Times The Justice League Turned On Each Other

9. Throne Of Atlantis

Superman Vs Wonder Woman
Warner Bros.

The 2012 crossover story by Geoff Johns pits the Justice League against the armies of Atlantis, and Aquaman is caught in the middle of the ensuing chaos.

The underwater hero is forced to turn against his teammates in an attempt to restore peace between the surface world and the Atlantean kingdom following a naval exercise that had an adverse impact on Atlantis.

The story cuts across various issues in the publishing company and establishes Arthur and the Atlantean kingdom as powerhouses in the DCU. Orm/Ocean Master's retaliation forces the League to intervene and apprehend the king before war breaks out. However, Arthur's actions against his fellow Leaguers further complicates matters and leads to their capture.

The heroes eventually overcome Orm and his army, and Arthur takes the throne. However, the sequence of events leads to the public's perception of Aquaman souring and the formation of the Suicide Squad under Amanda Waller's watch.


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