10 Smartest Decisions In Marvel Hero History

9. Matt Murdock Has The Law Changed For Superheroes - Daredevil #25 (2017)

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Marvel Comics

Superheroes like Spider-Man catch robbers and supervillains on a daily basis, before swinging away and letting the police deal with the aftermath. But because vigilantes rarely make police statements, many of these criminals walk away without spending a single day in prison. (Now you know why supervillains get out of jail every five minutes.)

Frustrated by this recurring problem, Matt Murdock tried to have the law changed, so superheroes could testify in court while keeping their identity a secret. If this law passed, it would change the world forever.

When Matt took this matter to the State Court, he was annihilated by Kingpin's lawyer.

Rather than giving up, Matt appealled to the Supreme Court, allowing him to make his case to the biggest law establishment in the country.

Just before the case started, Matt admitted to his friend, Foggy Nelson, that he deliberately bungled the previous appellate, so he could get a hearing at the Supreme Court, since they have more sway. Even though this was an extremely ballsy move, Matt won the case, changing the law for the superhero community for the better.

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