10 Smartest Marvel Characters

Who needs adamantium claws when you can out-think every opponent?

Marvel Comics

Marvel has produced so many amazing characters with extraordinary abilities, but one power continues to stand out among the rest because it always ends up being the go-to when shooting lasers and superhuman strength can't get the job done.

Most fans forget that the brains over brawn approach works more times than not. Some heroes possess flight and are bulletproof while others possess the mental equivalent of those enhanced abilities. Those who have a next-level genius are more formidable than the individuals that are downright invincible; knowledge is power and that is absolutely true within the comics.

These advanced people have an IQ that is on an unthinkable level. They have cracked such scientific feats as time travel, opening up the Quantum Realm, and figuring out inter-dimensional travel. Over the years, the big brains of Marvel have overcome alien invasions, Mad Titans, and many other catastrophic events.

In the comic books, there exists a plethora of those who happen to be blessed with very high intelligence and have shown they know how to use it. Of all these Einsteins Marvel has created, however, are ten that stand out over all others.


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