10 Smartest Marvel Characters

9. Valeria Richards

Mister Fantastic Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Marvel Comics

When a child shows promise at a young age, it is no surprise when a parent revels in their young one's early achievement. In the case of Valeria Richards, she had reached a level of intelligence that outranked the likes of Victor Von Doom and Reed Richards, her very own genius father. This would lead one to believe that as she matures her IQ will completely eclipse any of her competition in the brainiac department.

The daughter of Reed and Sue Richards is widely considered to be the biggest smarty pants in all of Marvel comics and her intellect forces her to perceive the world in ways that even her super smart dad couldn’t even imagine.

Valeria has done some incredible things with the little time she has existed. She has combined her toys with advanced artificial intelligence, deduced the identity of a time-traveling Indivisible Woman, and used her singular genius to rebuild the multiverse.

Reed and Sue Richard's little brainiac IS definitely what some people would refer to as scary smart, and everyone in the Marvel universe is keeping their fingers crossed she remains one of the good guys.


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