10 Spider-Man Fates Worse Than Death

9. Losing Your Parents. Again.

Spider-Man Morlun
Marvel Comics

Even people who know very little of Spider-Man probably know that he's an orphan who was raised by his aunt. For years, there wasn't a lot of detail given in the comics about his parents, and most of his attention was focused on keeping his Aunt May from dying every other issue.

Then, in 1992's The Amazing Spider-Man #365, Richard and Mary Parker suddenly appear. This was a pretty big deal for Pete, seeing as he believed his parents were dead and had been for most of his life. He was shocked, but his parents returned, which is good... right?

They came with a story about being stuck in Soviet prisons for years before they were finally free. Peter was a bit hesitant, but he later confirmed their tale after encountering the Red Skull. Pete was happy to have his parents back, but you can probably guess where this is going.

It turned out that the Chameleon created the couple to try and root out Spider-Man's true identity. He believed Peter Parker would tell his folks, and then he could take his vengeance out on him. Ultimately, Chameleon escapes, Pete's "parents" lay dead on the ground, and he had to lose them all over again.


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