10 Straight Up Craziest Things The Joker Has Ever Done

Put on a happy face and explore some of the craziest things the Joker has ever done!

Joker Harley Quinn
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The Clown Prince of Crime has gained a reputation of late for his brutal and downright horrifying crimes, with recent film media and comic books hammering home this deranged side to the Joker. However, this brutal side to the Joker wasn’t always as present in his character.

In fact, the Ace of Knaves was often seen as an ego-driven villain who simply wanted to annoy the citizens of Gotham and be recognised for doing so, with Batman: The Animated Series doing well to highlight this side of the character.

While some of these stories may not be as welcome in comics today, they're some of the most entertaining in the character's past and certainly helped to make the Joker into who he is currently.

Like many characters, Joker’s stories in the Golden and Silver Ages of comics were some of the most insane and hilarious stories in comic book history. This article will draw heavily on these stories, but will also aim to include some of the crazier stories from the modern era of comics in order to maintain some semblance of balance.

10. Joker Fish

Joker Harley Quinn
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Originally being a story from the Golden Age of comics, the Laughing Fish would eventually come to be adopted by the seminal Batman: The Animated Series, bringing this hilarious story to the mainstream, modern audience.

In the story of the Laughing Fish, Joker poisons the fish in Gotham’s water so that they look like him, complete with pale ‘skin’ and a big, unnerving smile. The fish themselves weren’t harmful to humans; instead, the purpose of Joker’s plan was to trademark the fish so that he could make a profit from his image.

This is another classic Joker story whereby the Clown Prince of Crime simply wants to get his likeness out into the public domain (and profit off of it of course).

However, the Gotham patent office wouldn’t allow the Joker to copyright his fish, so he started to attack officers from the patent office in an effort to force through his copyright claim. Naturally, though, this plan doesn't work out.

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