10 Straight Up Craziest Things The Joker Has Ever Done

9. Magnifying Glass Identity Reveal

Joker Harley Quinn
DC Comics

Body swap comedies are quite popular now, with Freaky Friday and the Change Up showing how character dynamics can change when two polar opposites are forced to live each other’s lives. In the 1960s, a Batman story also explored this idea, with Joker and Batman switching bodies after being subjected to a scientist’s Epsilon Rays.

Both Batman and the Joker continue to go about their business in each other's bodies. Batman, in the Joker's body, tries to solve crimes (much to the surprise of criminals) and the Joker, in Batman's body, continues to be a menace to society.

The comic is hilarious, showing how the Joker, in Batman’s body, intends to reveal Batman’s identity to the world via a giant magnifying glass on a rooftop. In order to prevent this, Batman, in Joker’s body, throws milk at the magnifying glass, rendering it opaque. He then defeating the Joker and reversing the body swap. One could hardly expect the Joker to be defeated with milk in modern comics.

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