10 Strangest Batman Crossovers Ever

9. Batman And The Power Rangers - Justice League/Power Rangers

Batman Elmer Fudd Looney Tunes Crossover
DC Comics/Boom! Studios

Not only is Batman in this crossover, but the entire Justice League is joining him in this six-issue mini-series named Justice League/Power Rangers created by Boom! Studios and DC Comics in 2017.

After an attack at their command centre by Zedd, the Power Rangers find themselves sent into the DC universe where they run into Batman and the Justice League.

Batman believes one of the Rangers to be a supervillain and was able to very quickly take him down. But when other Rangers start to follow through into the universe, he quickly realises they are in fact not a threat.

However, because the DC Universe is much darker than the Power Rangers one, the Rangers quickly figure out that the DC Universe is too dangerous and way out of their league for them as the villains are far more monstrous than anything Rita and Zedd could create.

The Justice League were able to help keep the Rangers alive and eventually send them back into their own universe.

This is a fun crossover with a lot of childhood nostalgia as two childhood characters come together for an epic collaboration.


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