10 Strangest Members Of The Suicide Squad

These are the weirdest supervillains in Task Force X's comic book history.

King Shark Suicide Squad DC Comics
DC Comics

DC's premium antihero team, Task Force X, otherwise known as the 'Suicide Squad', has been sending infamous rogues, costumed criminals, mercenaries, assassins, and the occasional superhero on deadly missions since the 1980s.

Inspired by the original 1959 team of soldiers and scientists led by Rick Flag who battled weird villains and combatted unusual happenstances, the modern Squad shares some of that team's stranger sensibilities, only with a Dirty Dozen makeover to boot.

Included in the Squad's roster are popular DC villains such as Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang, but its ranks have been filled out with some more unusual, more disposable members too.

If they aren't killed on their Suicide Squad missions by bombs planted in them by Amanda Waller and co., these zany characters have often been written out due to them simply being bad at super-villainy.

With James Gunn's upcoming The Suicide Squad movie featuring an impressive selection of DC's A-list and Z-list villains, including some particularly questionable additions, it's time to deep-dive into the team's comic book history and dig out even more of the weirdest members it's ever featured...

10. King Shark

King Shark Suicide Squad DC Comics
DC Comics

If an anthropomorphic, killer shark with a penchant for light reading and gratuitous violence is starting off this list of strange Suicide Squad members, you know there's even weirder characters to come.

Originally introduced as a Superboy villain in 1994, Nanaue the humanoid shark was born as either as a crazy mutation or the son of a shark-God. Responsible for missing persons and terrorising locals, King Shark was quickly apprehended by the Boy of Steel and put behind bars, where he found himself at the mercy of the Suicide Squad.

With amazing strength, the ability to fight on land and underwater, and an unceasing thirst for human blood, King Shark would be the perfect enforcer for the Squad on their deadly missions.

On his first adventure with Task Force X to an undersea base, King Shark was forced to wear an explosive belt in case he went rogue. However, the belt was used to sacrifice him instead and destroy the base. Initially thought to have been killed, he later resurfaced and continued to pose a threat to Superboy, Aquaman, and even seek revenge on the Squad.

2012's New 52 Suicide Squad run cemented this character in the mainstream, utilising him as a main player in the Squad's roster.

Another version of the character appears in the Harley Quinn animated series where he is more laidback, intelligent, and comedic. With trailers showing Sylvester Stallone playing a less-intelligent, more animalistic King Shark in The Suicide Squad, it'll be interesting to see how this character compares to his other depictions.


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