10 Strangest Members Of The Suicide Squad

9. Shade, The Changing Man

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DC Comics

Originally a secret agent from the planet Meta, Rac Shade was framed for treason and escaped to Earth with an 'M Vest' - a device that allowed him to manipulate perception, reality, and create weird, psychedelic images.

Biding his time and trying to clear his name, he battled 'madness' and found himself on trippy, colourful, and often dangerous adventures - especially when he crossed paths with the Suicide Squad.

Originally created by Steve Ditko in 1977, Shade didn't join Task Force X for another ten years, previously far too busy on his own strange capers across the DC Universe. Trapped in the Zero-Zone, a dimension outside our own, Shade was rescued by Rick Flag and the team and offered a chance to work with the Suicide Squad. In exchange, he'd be provided assistance with returning to Meta.

Becoming disillusioned by the Squad's reluctance to help him, Shade eventually sided with Lashina of Apokolips' Female Furies, who offered him salvation in the form of a Boom Tube. He didn't realise who she worked for, and the Suicide Squad was tricked into taking a Boom Tube to Apokolips. There, Darkseid and his minions soon made short work of the team, thanked Shade, and sent him on a guilt-ridden trip home.

One of the few Suicide Squad characters who aren't super-criminals trying to shave time off their sentence, Shade's inclusion in the team's roster was one of the more unusual choices DC made. Undoubtedly, with his weird power set and backstory, Shade, the Changing Man has to be one of Task Force X's strangest combatants.


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