10 Strangest Versions Of The Punisher

9. 2099

Punisher Purgatory
Marvel Comics

In the relatively distant future of 2099, the Golden Age of heroes had long since ended, and the world is now run by mega-corporations.

However, even though the heroes we knew were long gone, their legacies still live on. Such was the case for Spider-Man, and such was the case for Punisher.

A man named Jake Gallows suffered much like Frank did, with his family being killed by criminals. Afterwards, he stumbled upon the War Journal of the Punisher, reading up on his exploits and deciding to continue his work. Donning the giant skull and taking the moniker for himself, Jake went after the criminal world, not just shooting them, but also throwing them into his own personal prison. At that prison, he would destroy criminals at a molecular level.

The 2099 world is a strange and dark one, and Punisher 2099 is no exception.

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