10 Strongest Versions Of Spider-Man

9. Superior Spider-Man (Otto Octavius) (Earth-616)

Ghost Spiderman
Marvel Comics

Superior Spider-Man is the result of Otto Octavius swapping bodies with Peter Parker, leaving the supervillain with full access to all of Peter's powers and abilities and trapping Peter in a dying body clinging to life.

After Peter died, Otto was left with the challenge of living up to Spider-Man's legacy, but he would not do it traditionally.

Despite the sense of responsibility Otto now felt as Spider-Man, he still believed he could be a more efficient and influential Spider-Man. A Superior Spider-Man if you will. Even though Otto had all of Peter's powers, he did not pull his punches as Peter would. Otto was more brutal and would end fights much faster than Peter as he did not care for Parker's theatrics either.

Also, Otto's ruthless nature made him incorporate more technology into his suit to give him more of an edge. Specifically, Otto turned New York into a Big Brother surveillance state with his Spider-bots scouring every inch of the city. Otto ended more problems before they even happened by tipping off police and other emergency services of crimes and disasters that he deemed unworthy of his time.

Otto's ruthless sensibility and technological prowess put him leaps and bounds above Peter. If Green Goblin did not hijack Otto's Spider-bots, he would have remained in control of Peter's body for many more years to come. Now THAT would make for an interesting 'What If?' story.


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