10 Strongest Versions Of Spider-Man

8. Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) (Earth 1610/Earth-616)

Ghost Spiderman
Marvel Comics/Marco D'Alfonso

Originally hailing from the Ultimate universe, Miles Morales is a kid from Brooklyn that witnessed Peter Parker's death at the hands of Norman Osborn. He became Spider-Man as he regretted not helping Peter fight the Green Goblin, having developed spider-powers a few days before.

First appearing in Ultimate Fallout #4, Miles Morales has become a fan favourite even moving over to the mainline 616 continuity due to popular demand.

Miles has similar powers to Peter Parker's, as he has enhanced strength, speed, agility and wall-crawling like Peter Parker, only with a weaker spider-sense (as it only alerts him of immediate danger). However, he has two abilities that set him apart from Spider-Man - his camouflage and venom blast. Miles abilities give him an edge in combat as his camouflage can end a fight before it begins. Plus, his venom blast delivers an electro-kinetic burst strong enough to defeat Giant-Man and Blackheart and even drive away a symbiote.

Miles is still early in his career as a superhero and relatively new in the comics landscape. Miles still has room to grow with many adventures yet to come. Only time will tell what the future has in store for Miles Morales.


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