10 Stupidest X-Men Mutants Of All Time

6. Ink

Considering the growing propensity people have to getting tattoos, in a way it makes sense that there would be an X-Man whose powers came from getting inked. In another way that is the stupidest thing we've ever heard, but too late, it already happened: even worse, despite being part of the Young X-Men, Eric Gitter wasn't even technically a mutant. He'd just been given tattoos by one. So perhaps the real stupidest mutant in this position should be Leon Nunez, the tattoo artist in question. Leon's powers allow him to bestow superpowers on people by inking certain symbols upon them, and Eric - who chose the codename Ink after presumably five seconds of thinking about it - got a whole bunch of them. The biohazard symbol on his palm made people ill when he touched them, Colossus-based branding on his other hand made it super strong, lighting bolts on either side of his head made his really good at brainstorming...or was it telepathy? Then he had wings on his back so he could fly, a Caduceus symbol that let him heal, and even tried to tap into the Phoenix force with the iconic bird tattooed above his eye. Not only is that a moronic set of abilities, but Nunez recently went into a coma and apparently if he wakes up, Ink will lose all his powers. So then he'll just be another doofus with some bad tats.
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