10 Superhero Redesigns That ACTUALLY Worked

9. Black Widow

Best Superhero Redesigns
Marvel Comics

Having initially been hired to kill Tony Stark in her debut, Black Widow became a hero and gained her own costume. But to say that her original design was a bit too outlandish would be an understatement.

The spy was given a domino mask, a cape, and a blue leotard. To top things off, her legs were also covered in fishnets which made the character seem like the love child between a dominatrix and Black Canary.

But in 1979, Natasha Romanoff would get an outfit more suitable for her profession. Gone were the fishnets and instead, came in an all-black body suit with a gold belt and wristbands that helped break the design. At the same time, the superspy now had red hair which also helped contrast with her garb.

And so much like any defining superhero costume, Black Widow's design would further evolve yet the bodysuit would be the gold standard and mold her subsequent appearances. And though variations may occur and some color changes happened here and there, the Soviet spy would become a comic book staple thanks to this redesign.


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