10 Superheroes You Didn't Know Had Shameful Origins

Warning: some of these origins will depress you thoroughly.

The allure of any superhero is in their ability to put the interests of the people before themselves - all whilst remaining stylishly kitted out in lurid lycra and in possession of abilities most of us would sell our Granny€™s teeth for. Forgoing the comfort and safety of a normal existence to battle evil - be it fighting crime, or dispensing a much-needed ass-kicking in the far reaches of the galaxy - they€™ll do whatever it takes for the betterment of others. That said, the world€™s superheroes weren€™t forged from the most solid, morally-upstanding beginnings. But what greater motivation is there for combating a deep, dark secret than masking that pain with heroic bravado? The compulsion to uphold the peace, for those loveable do-gooders in tights, could be considered a form of therapy - a technique for reconciling the demons in their pasts, shaking the skeletons from their closets and letting go of some ugly truths. While they might stand for all that is just and commendable now - there were moments in their pasts they€™d rather you didn€™t know about. Sure, Superman had his troubles adjusting to the tribulations of life on Earth after leaving his home planet, but really, he had it easy, when compared to the likes of...
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