10 Superheroes You Didn't Know Had Shameful Origins

10. Martian Manhunter

DC comics favourite, Martian Manhunter, had it rough from the get-go. A family man, living happily on Mars with his wife and daughter, life couldn€™t be better. His beatific existence clearly ruffled fate€™s feathers, perhaps pissy at his good fortune, and so his spouse and child both perished in a Martian holocaust. Never fear - he can always find another wife, right? Afraid not, as the catastrophic event also wiped out every other member of his race. Subject to a torment none of us will ever face, he sort of lost his marbles. Teetering on the brink of madness, at the point at which fate should have again stepped in kindly to end his suffering, he was suddenly transported to Earth. Brilliant, right? Of course, Mr. Manhunter€™s shameful act was to take place on our planet (there€™s no doubt something akin to subtext going on here.) Upon his arrival, and before his induction into the Justice League Of America, he met scientist Saul Erdel; the man responsible for accidentally summoning him to Earth. Instead of offering an obligatory €œthank you for saving me from a lonely life of blistered palms€ he gave Erdel another gift - a massive heart attack brought on by the sight of Martian Manhunter, killing his saviour instantly.
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