10 Supervillain Replacements That Outshone The Originals

9. Caitlin Snow - Killer Frost

Green Goblin Harry Osborn
DC Comics

Killer Frost is a recurring DC villain with three women who have taken up the title.

The first is Crystal Frost who first appeared as a Firestorm villain. A freak accident grants her the power to absorb heat and project cold and ice, becoming Killer Frost. She would eventually die from absorbing too much energy, her memory being preserved in the Hall of Justice.

Then we'd get Louise Lincoln as the second incarnation. A friend of Crystal, she recreated the events that turned the deceased woman into a supervillain as she vowed to avenge her and face off against Firestorm.

But the most recognizable version of Killer Frost has got to be Caitlin Snow who first appeared in the New 52. The young doctor merges her body with ice and becomes the supervillain, Killer Frost - joining famous DC teams such as the Suicide Squad and even the Justice League of America.

Adding to this incarnation's popularity is The Flash TV series where she was featured heavily. Played by Danielle Panabaker, Caitlin Snow would be a mainstay throughout the series' nine-year run.


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