10 Supervillain Replacements That Outshone The Originals

8. Max Dillon - Electro

Green Goblin Harry Osborn
Marvel Comics

Nowadays, the name Electro is associated with Spider-Man but this wasn't always the case. In the Golden Age of Comics, he first appeared in 1939 as a robotic superhero. Created by the brilliant and reclusive Professor Philo Zog, Electro was used to fight crime and corruption.

Then in 1954, Ivan Kronov would be the next incarnation of the character - a Soviet soldier who was experimented on to combat Captain America and Bucky Barnes. The procedure would be a success, turning him into an electricity-powered supervillain who would square off against the iconic duo occasionally.

But of course, the title of Electro would then be passed in the 60s into the man known as Max Dillon. He was a lineman struck by lightning while working on a power line which turns him into a living electric capacitor. Dillon then used these newfound abilities to a life of crime and would battle against Spider-Man for decades and become one of the most iconic foes for the Web-Head.

Ultimately, it is interesting to see how the title Electro was passed down to three different characters.


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