10 Supervillains With Sickeningly High Kill Counts

The villains who make murder a competitive sport.


Supervillains like to kill - we all know that. For comic supervillains, this is especially true, as generally the people they kill will be back quicker than you can say "unfortunate evisceration".

But some supervillains like to kill a whole lot more than others. Be it thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions, some villains have kill counts higher than you would believe - especially when they're not the likes of Thanos or Galactus, who we all know could shatter a multiverse with a click of their heels.

Indeed, sometimes the most unsettling villain murderers are the ones who take you by surprise, as simply don't expect them to have slain quite as many people as they have. Similarly, there are plenty of heroes who have killed so many people that you just can't physically process it, aside from being very, very frightened.

While finding out these gory exploits is more than likely to keep you up at night, it's well worth it to see Marvel and DC's worst characters at their absolute best - or, at least, at their very most murderous.


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