10 Surprising Superhero Romances You Didn't Know Existed

The superhero romances that caught fans off guard.

Harley Quinn Poison Ivy
DC Comics

If there's one thing that fans love to do, it's pair up superheroes into their "one true pairings". Most of the time, it's based in fairly sensible ideas, like Thor and Captain Marvel in the MCU. However, sometimes it's based on just how cool it would be to see a weird pairing.

Imagine Harley Quinn and Batman finally got together as she so desperately wants, or Drax and Mantis get married. It's enough to blow minds, which is just part of the fun.

More often than not, fan ships are ignored by publishers due to legal issues and common sense, but that hasn't stopped them from putting together some seriously WTF pairings. Sometimes the surprise pairings work out and manage to stick around for a long time, others not so much. Either way, readers are left with their jaws on the floor thinking, did that really happen?

So, as we delve into some surprising romances, we are about to discover some incredible pairings you have never considered, never wanted to consider or are just desperate to forget as soon as you read them. You have been warned.

10. Black Panther And Storm

Harley Quinn Poison Ivy
Marvel Comics

Since the divorce, not much has been mentioned of T'Challa and Ororo's marriage. Most have either forgotten about it, or weren't aware of the union in the first place. So, when rumours started circulating over Storm's inclusion in Black Panther 2, fans were understandably confused.

The two originally met when they were still living on the African continent. T'Challa saved Ororo from a group of attackers, before nursing her back to health. The two fell for each other and were quickly an item. Unfortunately, T'Challa had to end things in order to rule over Wakanda. Fast forward to 2006 and the King would be down on one knee, proposing to his childhood sweetheart.

The two were married for five years before their separation in 2012, after the events of Avengers vs X-Men. They had enjoyed a good marriage, raising children together before it was time for T'Challa to break things off again. He blamed the X-Men for the substantial damage done to Wakanda and could no longer be with her while she was still on the team.

Their relationship takes on a greater significance when you consider their union marked the beginning of a ceasefire during Civil War. Coincidentally, the reasons for their divorce were the same reasons the ceasefire fell through.


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