10 Surprising Superhero Team-Ups You Won't Believe

Batman and Elmer Fudd teamed up? And it was AWESOME?!

Batman TMNT
DC Comics/IDW

When you have as big and diverse a universe as DC and Marvel have grown over the years, the best thing you can do is take advantage of that however and whenever you can. This could be through simple references to outside events, or better yet, crossovers!

Everyone loves it when two superheroes team up, or even when one superhero teams up with a character that doesn't necessarily fit that mould. It makes the world feel larger, while also opening up opportunities for fun interactions and clever scenarios.

But then you get the crossovers and team-ups that aren't necessarily bad (some of them are quite good in fact) - they're just... weird. Sometimes it's because the two allies couldn't be further apart morally, while others leave readers questioning how exactly they came together in the first place.

For this list, the only rule is that at least one member of the pairing has to be an established superhero. Other than that it is a total free for all. These superhero team ups may be good, may be bad, but no matter what quality, they are just flat out strange. And by god do we love them for it.

10. Deadpool/The Heroes For Hire - Deadpool #13-14

Batman TMNT
Marvel Comics

If there is any guaranteed way to make a team up weird as all hell, it's adding Deadpool. Especially when you stick him with two characters who likely spend entire days brainstorming how to AVOID having to interact with the merc' with a mouth in any form or capacity. But unfortunately for Luke Cage and Iron Fist, the day did come where Deadpool gave them no choice.

In Deadpool #13-14, we see Deadpool stick his nose into the Heroes for Hire's business when dealing with a pathetic one off pimp named the White Man. Whatever joke you're thinking of, don't bother, these two comics make it at least twice.

What's so surprising about this team up isn't just that it's funny, but just HOW funny it is. From everyone lambasting the White Man for his truly horrendous name, to Luke Cage's constant proclamations that Deadpool is in no way affiliated with them, to the point where he talks in his sleep about it if you mention it somewhere on Earth, these two comics may not have been expected, but god were they funny.

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